Here we go again

Today, it began again. Once more, a part of me – parts of me? – are venturing, questing, affecting the world outside. They have an agenda, or so they think. Which means, I have an agenda, now. That’s how parts work, is it not? If a brain has an agenda, the whole body has an agenda. If a hand has one? What about a heart?
I digress. These parts of me, not the still ones, not the temporary ones, but those who always are. The shy young one, the one who fills me with delicious smells, the one who enriches me with his gifts, and the true seeing one. They found an Entity They Are Opposed to. Even the harmless ones. As far as any part of me can be called “harmless.”
They say their King takes more than its due. He’s using his power for evil, making innocents suffer. They say he needs to be dethroned. This was witnessed, as a hurt one is now seeking solace with us. He will be safe, for a while. I am shelter. Maybe we will bond.
This King. This far-away King. This King who is not and will never again be part of me. This King whose face they do not, cannot know, and do not even remember why. They seek him now, not knowing what awaits. Or perhaps, as the seeing one, knowing what awaits if they — if we do not act. So act we will.
It’s not as if you become a Part by accident, after all.
They – eyes, ears, and hands if I need them – went to the Beach to talk to one of the Changing One’s agents and his friends. They also talked to a spot on the wall, an Inconsequential, about trivialities. Some of them still look for their place in the world, which is only natural. They will learn, in time.
They learned about their King. They obtained one of his shells, mutilated though it was, and brought it to me as a trophy. They also obtained part of his communications and try to figure out the other end.
They used the trophy and several other things to pierce the veil and discern a location. As if that had helped. What good is a momentary location, anyway, with things moving as fast as they are? I helped direct the flow, and gave them places with a high significance to their King. May they be perceptive enough to see, and wise enough to close their eyes when necessary. I do not tolerate loss well, after all.